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  Redifon Feedback 1977 to 1980

  Rediffusion Computers News 1981
    to 1984

  ROCC News 1985 to 1990

  ROCC Newsline 1991 to 2000

Company Newspapers
Over the period 1977-2000 Redifon/Rediffusion/ROCC had four company newspapers: Redifon Feedback, 1977-1980; Rediffusion Computers News, 1981-1984; ROCC News, 1985-1990; and ROCC Newsline, 1991-2000. In the Archive there are most of the editions published and it is hoped that missing editions will be found eventually.

The four newspapers had different characters reflecting the environing circumstances in which they had been produced. They were all aimed at the same generic staff audience and their common goal was to promote and support organizational teamwork based on mutual respect and good working relationships. All carried the basic new hires, promotions and company news. There was then a varied mix over the years of hatches, matches, dispatches [most of the staff were young and there were few deaths], hobbies, recipes and later retirements. There were also departmental stories recognising teamwork. Overall they were light-hearted and enthusiastic and they helped people to get to know their colleagues.

Hopefully, the newspapers will provide an insight into some of the human relations aspects of working life in the UK in the late 20th Century.



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