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History of ROCC
Redifon Computers Ltd was established in 1976 by Rediffusion Ltd to sell data entry minicomputers. In January 1977 Michael Aldrich joined the company. In 1979 he invented teleshopping (later called online shopping) and pioneered modern e-commerce and e-business. He also invented the Teleputer in 1980, a fusion of PC, TV and Telecom, and pioneered modern cable TV systems in 1981. In 1984 he patented a static signature verification system. The company became a pioneering IT company achieving a significant number of world firsts.

In 1984, Aldrich led a management buy-out of the company as the largest shareholder. He renamed the company ROCC Computers and subsequently bought out the other shareholders.

The company had become known for its innovations with projects such as the maintenance and logistics systems for the Siberian Gas Pipeline {1981/1982] and many UK government projects including Cattle Passports following the BSE crisis. {1998}. The videotex projects, particularly the online shopping, point-of-sale and executive information systems, and the large number of UK city and county IT projects did not receive much publicity. Many projects were subject to confidentiality agreements. A few of the more interesting data capture projects were also publicised.

Michael Aldrich retired in 2000 and Luke Aldrich became CEO. Michael Aldrich remains as non-executive Chairman of the Board. In recent times ROCC has continued to change, divesting its engineering business and acquiring small specialist companies with unique technology and service offerings such as Marcmoor Business Systems, Databuild Information Systems and TAL Computer Services. Since 2007 ROCC has been working closely with ADOBE and is one of their leading Enterprise Certified Partners.

ROCC in 2010 is an innovative technology company conceiving, designing and selling complex solutions to the Public and Private Sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

ROCC is a MICROSOFT Partner in ISV, Infrastructure and Advanced Infrastructure.

ROCC is headquartered in Brighton, Sussex, UK

ROCC Computers - Adobe Solutions, Repairs and Maintenance Systems, Waste Management Systems and ITC Management


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