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ROCC Hardware Archive
Held in Store

Teleputer 3 Plinth (Non-Functional) (1983)
Teleputer 3 Monitor (Non-Functional) (1983)
Teleputer 3 Disc Drives (Non-Functional) (1983)
Teleputer 3 Keyboard (1983)

ROCC 2835 BCG (1987)
Compact Cluster Controller and cables for Ifield (x2) (1990)
Compact Cluster Controller and cables for VGA (1990)
Ifield Terminal (x2)
Ifield Keyboard (x2)
R10 mini with spare boards for BCG
Spare FBSP CPU board
Spare BBU for BCG
Spare 132MB disc for BCG (x3)
Engineers Front Panel for BCG
ROCCAddress Disc
BSP CPU board
Spare system PSU for BSG (low volts under load)
Spare disc PSU for BCG

Front cover from 2830 BCG with badges (1983)
Front cover (glass) from 2840 BCG (1985)

DRI 5MB disc unit, cable & manual from Seecheck systems - (1975)
Fujitsu 132MB, 14 disc unit (1981)

Richard Hibbs Collection
August 2009



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